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There are many energy monitoring tools out there on the market today, but one of the best is The Energy Detective (T.E.D.)  We currently have the TED 1000 series model which we purchased back in 2009.  I wrote a review on this awesome home energy monitoring tool on SustainableUrbanHomestead.com

When it comes to saving energy, you first need to know what you're using and where it's being wasted right?  This is why every house should have an energy monitoring tool.  After months of research, I selected TED for it's options, simplicity and overall company view of how home energy monitoring can and should be done.

Even though our current 1000 series unit is running strong, technology is always advancing and released their TED 5000 series unit.  Some of the enhancements over the 1000 series unit are:

  • Optional Wireless Display
  • Stores up to 10 years of data
  • Data viewing remotely with an existing Internet service
  • Data Aggregation and third party apps

The Optional Wireless Display is nice and more convenient then the wired Stationary Remote Display (RDU) of the 1000 series and looks more like a PDA.

For the 5000 series, they embedded their Footprints data viewing software on the gateway with web server so you can view your energy usage from any computer browser on your network.  For those tech savvy folks, you can configure your router to allow restricted view from outside your network as well... like if you wanted to monitor energy consumption from work over the Internet.

One of the best feature introduced, and in my opinion a great vision by the company, was developing AggreData which is an open-source data platform allowing users to gather data from their TED units.  There is an API available for the tech savvy or programmers to build custom apps using aggregated data from the server, very cool!  For the non-tech savvy that means there are third party applications available so you can view your data remotely from your smart phone and many other options.

Another bonus is for us Canadians, we can now purchase the TED directly from Canada, no border fees and free shipping for orders over $50.

OK... so you can guess that I'm a fan of the new unit and this post is my way of talking myself into upgrading... BUSTED!  I'll do a full video review of the new unit when it comes in ;o)  If anyone is using other energy monitoring tools I'd love to hear which ones and your opinions.

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