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Homemade Compost Bin

At our old Urban Homestead I had made a Pallet Compost Bin out of some old pallets I got for free from my dad's work.  This was something we definitely missed when we moved and needed to be fixed cause I hate throwing away good compost!

We will be reconfiguring the garden and backyard area behind the house this fall and next spring so I only wanted to build something big enough to keep us through until things are finalized.  Being in the country we also could have more critter issues so wanted to make sure it was critter proof... well as much as possible.

I didn't have a plan or anything, just an idea in my head of what we needed.  I had some left over strapping so started with that and a few left over 2x4's from finishing our basement.  I think I ended up buying 2 more bundles of strapping to finish it off.  While I was at the hardware store I saw some 1" square metal netting, not sure what they called it, but it was perfect to wrap around the base and the door to hopefully keep the critters out.

Unfortunately I ony have the one picture of the finished bin behind our tool shed.  I totally forgot to take pictures as I was building it ;o(  I'll try to describe it best I can and hopefully you can visualize.  The top door is on hinges at the top and there is a bar so that you can lift the top with one hand and the bar will lock it open.  This way you can dump your compost with one hand operation.  The front panel is removable so you can lock the top door open and remove the front panel to turn the compost and at the end pull the black gold out for the garden.

We put the compost bin behind the tool shed, in the berry patch.  Placement of a compost bin is important as you want it to be in the full sun as much as possible and close enough to the house that it's not a hassle to use, especially in the winter months... Yes we still compost during the winter in Canada ;o)

Next year, when we finalize the backyard homestead plans, we will build a 3 bin setup for composting to make turning easier as well as handle more compost.  We're also going to try Vermiculture, the art of worm composting, over the winter as well so we have an indoor and outdoor compost running as well as getting some excellent composting tea.  Everything we will need to help with spring seedlings ;o)

We love seeing DIY Projects... Do you compost?  If so did you buy a bin or make it?

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