Stone Rocket Stove Fun

In Eastern Canada it's in the middle of the hunting season.  On Sunday, Seb and I took the dogs for a walk out the back... they were due.  Seb brought his new BB Gun and I brought my .22 inn case we saw any rabbit or partridge.  We didn't see or catch anything, but did have a neat learning experience... We had fun building his first stone Rocket Stove.

The back of our property used to be farm pastures, long since overgrown of alders and brush.  We were walking the old fence line and stumbled on a hill of rocks when the fields were originally plowed.  This was neat since we found other sorts of old tin items in the pile as well.  Since hunting was not very eventful, not even one piece of rabbit poop to be seen, I asked Seb if he wanted to learn how to make a Rocket Stove.

He was excited and so was I... We dug through the pile of stones and found 1 large flat stone for the base and started piling stones around it in a U shape.  On the second layer we put another longer but narrow flat stone and stacked a small chimney.  Kinda looked like a boot with an open toe at the end.

For those of you who don't know what a Rocket Stove is, it's a very efficient cooking stove using small twigs and sticks that burn at high temperatures due to small combustion area and heat convection that draws in air into the combustion chamber.  They have come a long way from their humble beginnings, but you can't argue with efficient design and use.

Unfortunately we didn't have anything to cook, but Seb had a blast building it and creating a nice little fire.  Next time we go out I'll be sure to pack some soup or beans and a small cast iron pot ;o)  I'll also bring our little flip video to capture his enthusiasm of the build!

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2011

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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Say Hello To My Little Friend

LOL.. well I'm not exaclty Al Pacino and this ain't Scareface, but this is one hell of a drill! We rented this bad boy hammer drill to drill a 5" hole in the concrete foundation to pipe the 4" PVC pipe outside to the septic. It took about 30mins to drill through the wall, with a few breaks of course.

I was going to leave the septic business alone after the last post but had to share the pic of this drill... I think it marked me for life ;o)

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New Septic Almost Completed

New Septic Test Holes

Wow time flies when you're busy... it seems that from Sept to now has just been one big blur.  Lots of things going on, unfortunately not all of them homestead related ;o(

One of the big items finally getting completed is the new septic and leach bed.  Our house was built where an old farm once stood and when the owner put in the new house, he put in a new concrete septic tank but didn't redo the leach bed.  This worked fine for one couple, but with 2 families living here, the leach bed started coming up... yuck!

I'll save you with the embarrassing pictures of the leach bed coming up in the front and instead show our dug up back yard.  What some would call a huge mess, we call a blank canvas.

Once the new bed is covered and landscaped, we're going to design a walk through herb garden, fire pit and wood/hand tool storage shed as a shoot off of our cobble stone deck we'll be building next year.  Here is what our immediate back yard looks like today.

Since we're already in the fall, no grass will grow this year, but we'll have it leveled and landscaped and ready for the spring.  For those of you lucky folks that are not familiar with a leach bed, the pics above show the 6 lines of 50ft PVC giving us a total of 300ft.  That is more than what we need for 2 families and will be good for many decades.  I didn't take a shot of the concrete tank, but it's at the far end of the first pick next to the pile of dirt.

We finished connecting the house to the new septic and now just awaiting for the inspector to come give his blessing so we can cover it up and start the landscaping.

It's been a busy month, now I need to get my butt in gear and post things up ;o)

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