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The Future of Food DVD

I was searching through YouTube vids and stumbleupon "The Future of Food" Documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia.  You can watch The Future of Food directly from their website for free as well.  It was released in 2004 to bring attention to genetically engineered food and seed patents by mega corps to control food production and seed consolidation.

I had already watched and commented on Food inc. on SustainabeUrbanHomestead.com which touches on GMO seeds and seed patents, but this documentary goes into much greater detail.

One of the great stories is of Percy Schmeiser, the Saskatchewan Canada farmer who fought Monsanto in court for GMO contamination of his Canola fields.  Truly a David vs Goliath story and will wake you up regarding how our farmer are being bullied by the mega-corps.

Overall I thought this was a great film and really made you think of where your food comes from now and more importantly, where would you like it to come from in the future.  Our society has become far removed from our food and it's time we educate ourselves and speak our minds.  Remember you can make a change with every purchase and/or non GMO/heirloom seed you plant so grow your own and support your local farmers.

My personal view is you shouldn't genetically modify crops and definitely should not be patenting seeds, which is life.  As with everything you read, watch, listen and learn... do your own due diligence, research and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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