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Now that winter is rearing it's ugly head here in Eastern Canada, finally took the time to winter prep the strawberry beds.  Reminder to cover them up with straw for the winter.

Last year we did not cover our beds with straw, but we had lots of early snow before very cold freezing weather so were lucky.  The snow acted like a thermal barrier from the harsh cold.  This year we picked up 6 bales of straw to cover them up.

Straw is a good cover cause it's light and easy to remove in the Spring and reuse as mulch.  You want to use straw not hay, since straw has no grains in it.  Straw only contains the stalks of standing plants that contains no grains.

It's best to cover the plants with about 6" of straw when the temperatures start to dip into the freezing mark and leave it until just past your local last frost date.  The new flower buds are tender and susceptible to late spring frost so better to be safe than sorry ;o)

We plan on moving this bed out of the row garden as we transform it into raised beds, but that's another post all together.

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