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In our part of the planet, we're still about a month away from last average frost date.  We started our second group of seedlings to fill up the rest of the shelves in our "seed starting hot house".  So far our little hot house/green house has been great.  Our first round of seedlings have all taken and thriving.

We planted 3 more trays to fill in the rest of the racks in the hot house/green house: Onions, Jacob's Cattle Beans, Scotia Tomatoes (ya more tomatoes!), Cucumbers, Green/Yellow Beans and Giant Oregon Snow Peas.

With the nice weather announced this week, we're going to take advantage to start prepping the yard and garden.  It's been a very dry Spring and I hope we get cues that Mr. Frost is now gone for good so we can uncover the strawberries, garlic and start to work the garden ;o)  We're also pretty excited to move the starter seeds with greenhouse to the garage to start the hardening process.  It should make a big difference.  A few pictures....

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